United Kingdom Bound

For this vacation, we wanted to visit our friends in Edinburgh and to look at castles in north Wales. Since north Wales is so close to Liverpool, we thought we should visit there as well. And since we will fly home from London, we figured we should stay a few days in London.

So our trip is going to circumnavigate the island.

The above map is following roadways, but we will be taking the train except when we’re in Wales. A is Heathrow airport; B, (which is covered) is Euston station, London, where we take a train north; C is Liverpool; D is Port Dinorwic, Ffordd Siabod, Y Felinheli (no idea how to pronounce these names), where we’re staying in Wales; E is Warrington, where we will catch a train to Edinburgh; F is Edinburgh and G is Kings Cross station, London, where we will arrive on the train from Edinburgh.

We are not visiting any European Union lands. When planning this trip, we had no idea what kind of chaos may be happening as a result of the never ending Brexit saga. Given the current situation, I’m hoping we won’t encounter slow non-EU Passport queues at Heathrow like I experienced in November 2018.

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