May 2019 Ultralight Packing

Here’s what I’m planning to pack in order to go carry-on only:

I’m limiting my wardrobe to three bottoms–all black, and eight tops mostly in neutral colours. The skirt and a dress blouse should do for fancier restaurants. The tops can be layered if the weather is cool. I’m using scarves as the main accessory to provide some variety and colour.

I have not shown the rain jacket which packs inside its own pocket for easy carrying. I’m hoping I won’t need a heavier jacket.

This trip is mostly city-based but with a little walking around castles and some ruins, in Wales.

Some of the outfit possibilities are in the top image.

Maybe as difficult as deciding what clothes to pack is deciding what electronics to take. This trip I’m taking my iPhone and iPad but not my camera. I bought some inexpensive lenses that attach to the phone for wide angle and extra zoom. We shall see how they perform and how much I want to fiddle with clipping on the lenses. I also need to take electrical outlet adapters for the UK. The shape of UK outlets make the adapters one of the more awkward things to pack.

I also have a multi-port adapter kind of like this:

And I have to pack the cables for charging the iPhone and iPad including an extra one for Scott’s phone.

Other stuff don’t require decisions because I take the same things every trip. I keep a small first aid kit packed and ready for travel. Although, from time to time, I need to check if any of the over the counter medications have expired and need replacing. My make-up bag and 1 litre liquids bag also stay packed and ready–more or less. Depending on the season, sunscreen may get added, and make-up remover wipes and contact lens solutions need to be bought for each trip. Because I hand wash stuff, I also keep a plastic bag with laundry detergent sheets and plastic gloves packed for travel.

I used to take resistance bands but even though they take almost no space in my luggage, I decided to not pack them because experience has shown that I won’t use them.

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