Cabo San Lucas

We spent a week in Mexico at an all-inclusive resort on the tip of Baja California Sur. Our main purpose was to escape the winter weather and relax. We definitely accomplished the first, for at least one week, and must also have achieved the second because we did practically nothing.

Finesterra Resort

We took one day tour of the two local towns, Cabo San Lucas and San Jose de Cabo; that started with a 30-40 minute boat trip to see the rock arch “El Arco” which is best viewed from the water.

From the little boat, we also saw sea lions and fish, and I didn’t get seasick (yay!).

The land tour included looking at a glass blowing shop, tequila tasting, a jewellery shop and the harbour, where we had lunch, and were subject to relentless attempts to sell tours, and visited at a local market selling nothing that we were interested in buying.

San Jose de Cabo

One morning I ran into the town of Cabo San Lucas hoping to see the museum about the history of the local area, but the museum was closed.

Otherwise, we spent our time occupying a “cabana”, little platforms with cushions set onto the beach.

We found one facing the Pacific Ocean near one of the resort restaurants that we liked and just read, looked for whales, I sometimes worked on my Italian homework and Scott took afternoon siestas. Every day we saw whales spouting and breaching, and one day I saw a pod of dolphins. Too bad I couldn’t manage to photograph any of this activity.

view from the cabana

It was too easy to spend the entire period from breakfast to dinner on the cabana. We got served drinks and only had to walk 100 feet to get lunch; in fact, one day, one of the waiters brought lunch (seafood tostados!) to us at the cabana.

The ocean off the beach by the resort is unsafe for swimming because of undertow but we barely dipped into the pools. For most of our vacation we hardly moved but at least, we didn’t get bad sunburns.

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