Napoli: il settimo giorno: a Roma

A last view of Vesuvius before we leave our hotel.

Business car on Trenitalia’s Frecciarossa, the fast train, is roomy.

View from the train:

We’re renting an apartment in this square, Piazza di Pietra, which has a colonnade of pillars that used to be part of the Temple of Hadrian. It’s now part of the stock exchange building.

After a bit of lunch,

We went grocery shopping. A few sights in the area include the Pantheon:

Santa Maria  Sopra Minerva appears to be getting some restoration, but Bernini’s statue of an elephant with an obelisk on its back can be seen in front of the church:

Church of St Ignatius Loyola.. We went inside on an earlier visit. It has a great illusionist ceiling.

Across the road is Torre Argentina, an ancient Roman ruin that is now used as a cat sanctuary:


The Trevi Fountain, not too busy:

We went to a match between AS Roma and Juventus in Stadio Olimpico. The crowd was the noisiest we have ever experienced–even in the supposedly neutral section. Not sure that Italians are neutral about anything much. There are empty seats on either side of the north end where Juventus fans are seated. Roma supporters are on the south end with all the large banners. They set off flares, red smoke bombs and never stopped singing. The game ended in a scoreless draw.

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