Day 5: To Napoli

This was a slow day because I was feeling under the weather–jet lag, food poisoning, or something. 

Left the apartment just after 9 am to go to Orly airport, a 35 minute drive. The airport is relatively small but very busy with European flights.

Our two hour 10 minute flight landed 10 minutes early. We dodged the unofficial drivers offering us a ride and took a taxi to our hotel. The sky was grey.

Our hotel is near the port. 

It’s relatively new having been converted from a shipping office by a Japanese designer, which I think explains some of the curious decor elements.

The lobby bar area with samurai armour..

It started pouring rain so we decided not to wander outside.  We checked out the rooftop bar, which is covered. There’s a heated pool which had a surprising number of people in it even once it started raining.

View from the 9th floor. Vesuvius is cloud covered.

The bistrot on the main floor:

Early dinner, then early to bed.

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