Day 4: Sunday in Paris

Walked to get some croissants for breakfast.

Quiet streets. Even Place des Voges was pretty empty.

Shops were closed. C’est dommage.

An art installation?

Maison Landemaine boulangerie

Bought strawberries at a nearby market because they smelled so good. Tasted pretty good, too. And the croissants were manifique! As was the bon beurre. Saving the pains au chocolat for tomorrow.

After breakfast we went on a Left Bank trek.

Above, Hotel de Ville. Below, Notre Dame.

Place St Michel.

A stop at a caramelier shop.

Not sure any of these will make it home.

Then on to the Louvre.

Lunch at Cafe Marly.

We went to a Delacroix exhibition. He lived to 65 and had a career which brought fame relatively early but through his life, experimented and explored not only painting but lithography and wrote on art..

I liked seeing his travel journals in which he drew what he found of interest. Wish I could do the same.

Returning towards our apartment, saw a monument we’ve not seen before, Fontaine des Innocents, built in 1549.

It was another warm day–28. I bought a Louvre t-shirt because I think I will need it.

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