Napoli: il secondo giorno: Capodimonte

New cruise ships in the port, but still rainy.

The port makes for great people watching while Scott sleeps in.  Find the couple with matching backpacks.

Tried fresh passion fruit. Quite tart; wakes up the mouth. Scott thought it looked like snot and wouldnt try it.  Describing his own, I guess.

We took the hop on hop off bus.. It was a good way to get out of the rain, we thought, except rain was dripping into the open windows and made taking photos difficult. Tried to take a photo of Piazza Dante.

Dome of Santa Teresa deli Scalzi.

The main reason for taking the bus was to get up the hill to Museo Capodimonte. San Gennaro from one of the switchbacks on the steep road.

Went to this museum in 2016 but this time, I have more time to look.

Room full of Titians.

Room full of Raphaels.

The building has been occupied by various noble families in the past so has some fancy rooms with fancy ceilings.

A room of Artemesia Gentileschis.

A room of de Riberas.

You get the idea–really big museum, lots of art by important painters–surprisingly unknown museum. We didn’t even see the contemporary areas.

Scott hit saturation point before we could get through the whole museum. We got back on the bus, which had no room to sit, but at least we were out of the rain. We got off the bus early to look for a restaurant. Searching in the rain was not easy as the umbrellas obscured our view. At least, that’s my story for why we started walking the wrong way.  But really, it was Scott’s fault.

I had pasta but Scott had an amazing fish soup.

Then more walking. Statue of Vittorio Emanuele II, first king of unified Italy, so every city has something named after him.

Not sure what this used to be used as, but looked interesting.

Also this bit of Brutalist architecture nearby.

We went to the hotel’s Michelin star restaurant, Il Commandante. I  wasn’t hungry so only had one course. But,, of course, a restaurant like this serves amuses bouche or chefs’ surprise or whatever they call it. This one particularly went overboard.

And breads and olive oil and Buffalo butter.  Then a tuna soup.

Then I got the lamb course I ordered.

Scott ordered pasta.

We declined dessert but got this.

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