January 23 Daybreak Safari

After a night when we could hear lions and hyenas, we were woken at 5:45 with coffee. Into the Land Cruiser at 6:15 to seek early morning activity. We missed a cheetah kill but saw the cheetah.


There are only 70 cheetah left in Maasai Mara so we were lucky to see this one. A jackal and vultures were making short work of the gazelle killed by the cheetah.

We saw warthogs, pumbas (as Lion King fans know) coming out of their burrow.

We saw baboons but they run so fast, I couldn’t photograph them. A hyena with blood still on his face and paws.

We saw monkeys–not sure what kind.

Breakfast was on the plains where we were watched by nervous zebras.

We saw mongoose, mongeese?, dwarf and banded. Below are banded.

An elephant family with a one month old. The baby is a bit hard to see because she was trying to climb onto her next eldest relative who was lying down trying to sleep.

And we saw more lions, the most impressive was 4  year old lone male:

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