January 23 – Afternoon Safari

Does not really matter what else we saw because we saw a leopard, so Scott saw the big three cats he wanted to see. It was late in the afternoon, when the light was getting low, but we were drinking a gin and tonic waiting for the leopard to return to its kill, a Maasai sheep, stored up in a tree.

The sheep was not wildlife but belonged to one of the local tribes.. Our guide Kevin thought that was why the leopard was careful to show itself lest an angry Maasai was waiting to punish it.


After dark we watched him with red light eating the sheep up in the tree. Neither my camera nor the loaned Canon could capture that. We will try a night safari to see if see can see a kill. Scott wants to see one. Again, I’m not so sure I’m going to like that.  In any event, that won’t be photographable if it’s night time.

We also saw a baby lion cub, very cute, but hard to see in my photos. And after x number of tries, it won’t post anyhow.

Sadly, I can’t recall if I already posted photos of giraffes, Cape Buffalo, impala or other animals we have had close encounters with so I’m ending this post.

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