January 22 Afternoon Safari

At 4:00 pm, after siesta/blogging time, we headed out on another safari drive. We had the use of the Camp camera with telephoto lens, but it’s memory card doesn’t work with my iPad so I’m stuck with my photos until we get home.

We saw animals I had not heard of such as topi and dikdiks,, but most importantly for Scott, we saw lions.

This male only looks dead. He’s sleeping.
We saw a pair mating, 4 times in less than 20 minutes..


On the drive back in the dark, we saw a hyena and as I write this in the evening, we can hear their creepily human noises. So in less than a day, we’ve seen every animal Scott wanted to see except a leopard and cheetah, and he wants to see a kill, which may happen during tomorrow’s daybreak safari.

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