January 20 Dinner with Inge and Robin

We had no plans for Friday other than meeting up with Inge and Robin for dinner, so we wandered the canals in the areas where we had not yet been or at least, we thought we had not been.

The temperature was around 0 but it felt quite bone chilling. We stopped for lunch, where the service was slow but we did not mind lingering in a heated restaurant with curious decor.

Then more wandering.

Stopped for a drink to get warm. The bar cat ignored me, even when I poked it. And scratched its head.

Met Robin and Inge at Bubbles wine bar. They were buying their wedding rings. Lots of discussion about their wedding plans, like, how many of us get to make speeches and will there be audio visual aids?

Then dinner at Incanto, an Italian restaurant.

Piccione or pigeon
Caico e pepe or cheese and pepper pasta
Cherry tomatoes and buffalo mozzarella

Then goodbyes and we headed to the airport.

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