January 18 Rembrandt Day

We went on a three hour walking tour called Rembrandt’s Amsterdam. We started at the house he lived in for 30 years, now a museum.

Then we walked around to see the street where he used to live and the buildings connected with his career. Much of it is now the Red Light District, but during the Dutch Golden Age, 1600-1700, it was upper and middle class.

The weather was about -2 and snowed for a while so the Red Light District was quiet.

De Waag, part of the old city wall
Freezing water in the canal

Dam Square and Dam Palace

Stopped for lunch to warm up.

Crab bisque

We walked to the Rijksmuseum to see some Rembrandt paintings. The Nightwatch is now very dramatically displayed.

As well as other Old Masters.
Fran’s. Hals
Dinner at an Indonseian restaurant, Tempo Doeloe, for ristafel.

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