Meeting our future in laws

Jet lag overcame Scott so I headed to the Städel art museum on my own.

The European Central Bank building:

The path along the Main River above.

I arrived at the Städel to find a number of police there and they would not let me pay for admission. I watched as people were sent out and eventually was told the museum was closing. I went outside, saw a police dog and watched more police arrive.

The above couple brought their tea and strudel with them. 

I decided to walk to the Schirn Gallery instead of waiting to see if the Städel would reopen.
They had a Miró exhibition:
After some lunch, we went wandering and intended to get to the restaurant where we would meet Robin, Inge and her parents, Ria and Jos.  We wandered up and down trying to find the place. Scott had the map so I’m blaming him. I called Robin and he directed us to the right street then he and Inge showed up on their bicycles to show us the way. 

Above, not the right street but the opera house.

Inge’s parents found the place fine.

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