First jet lagged day in Frankfurt

We both stayed awake too long on the plane. At best we got 4 hours sleep before we were awakened for the descent into Frankfurt. I did not get all of the breakfast I ordered so was hungry as well as tired.

At least we could check in to our room which was upgraded from the standard room to a suite.

Nice little balcony.

After Scott’s nap, we went walking towards the city centre.

A Jewish cemetery:

Holocaust memorial, which surrounds the cemetery:

The Kaiserdom, a church reconstructed after being burned down in WWII. Called the Dom for short.

A bit of lunch with a German white:

We took a tour on the River Main.


Lots of office towers. Robin works on the third one from the left, Inge is in the one three more to the right, I think.

And more modest structures.

Inside the reconstructed Dom church:

 Not real stonework:

Pedestrian mall:


 St Katarine church

Met Robin and Inge for dinner. 

More German wine:

View from the restaurant: 

It’s almost midnight, 3 pm Calgary time Hope we get some sleep to manage tomorrow better.

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