To Poland

Spent most of the day travelling from Berlin to Warsaw or Warzsawa as it’s written in Polish. It took an hour just to get out of Berlin. Got to the German Polish border in another hour. No border check since they are both European Union countries. Stopped for lunch in Poznan. Had a bit of time to look at the old square in front of the city hall:

some of the colourful houses:

Church of St Stanislav:

Had salad for lunch. Weather was warm so we sat outside. A light breeze helped with the humidity. Sid also had a few pierogis but the cabbage mushroom filling turned out to be sauerkraut mushroom filling which she didn’t like.

The young Polish servers speak English pretty well.
Another four hours as well as a 20 minute “comfort stop” and we were in Warsaw. Most of the city was destroyed at the end of WWII so it is a curious combination of Soviet architecture and very modern architecture built in the past 20 years since the end of Communist rule. Weather was really hot and windy when we went for a walk so we gave up and returned to our hotel. The train station and mall across the street looks like it could be anywhere, especailly since we can see a McDonalds:

We hope tomorrow’s weather will be better.

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