Tour of Berlin

We had a 7 am wake up call so we could breakfast:

Then onto the tour bus by 8:30. The morning started with rain:

A first view of some of the remaining Berlin Wall
A visual joke about climbing the wall?

Old City Hall in former East Berlin

Church where Bach was organ master:

River Spree:

Notice how I’m not leaving the bus to take photos in the rain?
Drove into the former West Berlin where Humboldt University is located:

Fan Zone from the other end:

Finally the rain stopped and the sun came out so I got out to look at a church (forgot the name):

old preserved section:

new chapel built with glass the same as used in Chartres Cathedral in Chartres, France:

Off the bus by 11:30 and walked around in the warm and humid sunshine to find lunch at an Italian restaurant, Sagrantino:


Then walked to look at Checkpoint Charlie and the Topography of Terror, a museum about the Nazi Era housed in the former headquarters of the SS and Gestapo:

more rain while viewing the outdoor exhibits:

Spent almost 4 hours at this museum–no chuckles to be had. On sore feet, we walked back in the rain.
The Germany versus Brazil semi-final World Cup game is in the evening. Does not look like outdoor viewing will be a good idea.


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