Tour of Warsaw

We looked at some of the main streets and some of the many parks in Warsaw before walking around the old town. The old town was almost entirely destroyed by the Nazis in 1945. The old town has been re-created to look like the original:

The legend of the creation of Warsaw is a prince who fell in love with a mermaid living in the Wisla River. Since she couldn’t leave the river, he built the town of Warsaw on its banks. A statue of the mermaid features in the old town market square:

Mermaids feature on garbage cans, and houses.

The re-creation of Warsaw also included the old city walls:

Statue commemorating the Warsaw uprising in 1944:

Supreme Court of Poland:

Memorial of the Warsaw Ghetto uprising with the Museum of the Jewish Polish People in the background:

After two late nights watching World Cup semi-final matches, we took a slow afternoon to put our feet up for a bit while watching some Tour de France cycling.

For dinner, we went to a restaurant serving Polish dishes, called Specjaty Regionalne. We had a Polish rose wine:

I had cabbage rolls, called Golabki:

Sid had a mix of pierogi:

We had dessert, a rasperry panna cotta, and a liquer with a minty flavour:

We sat outside even though the rain poured heavily for a while. It has cooled things down,

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