Saturday to Palazzo Barberini

Since Friday was a holiday, many people seem to have decided to stay up late and party. Sure heard a lot of voices, some singing some soccer chant, some just talking loudly.  Shouldn’t have left the window cracked open.

This is the flat where we’re staying:

Kinda of a quirky place with not a lot of windows, but there’s also a small terrace

stairs to the terrace

We walked to Piazza Quirinale, where the President of Italy has a park and palace. Lots of tourists.
Looked at San Carlo alle Quattro Fontane by Borromini:
Then walked some more but stopped for lunch.  We started outside:
But it was too hot, so moved inside where the windows were open. Scott’s seafood salad:
Back on the streets, past Piazza Barberini, to Palazzo Barberini:

Looked at three floors of art but no photos allowed. Then to Santa Maria della Vittoria to look at Bernini’s St Threrea in Ecstasy:

Then the Trevi Fountain where crowds were crazy:

Had to have some gelato to recover. A lemon tree outside the door of the gelateria, San Crispino:

After a lot of walking, we went to a recommended resataurant nearby, Ditirambo:

Loved it!  We made a reservation to return.

Vegetarian antipassto–tasty tasty! From 11 am, potato with truffle; chesse souffle with mushrooms, balsamic vinegar, pomegranites; eggplant “meatballs”; zucchini parmegiano; potato vegetable something I can’t rember but pastry filled with vegetables

suckling pig

braised beef cheeks with pumpkin sauce:


We couldn’t resist some dolci: orange sorbetto with Campari:

tartuffo (chocolate on vanilla gelato)

licorice ice cream:


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