Liberation Day

April 25 is a holiday celebrating the liberation of Italy in WWII. Combined with the canonization of Pope John Paul II and another pope, whose name I always get wrong, the city is very full of tourists.
I set out early in the morning to get some groceries for breakfast.  Streets weren’t busy then.

After a light breakfast, we went for a walk to look at some of the churches in the historic centre.

Sant’Agostino to see Caravaggio’s Madonna di Loreto:
Then to San Luigi dei Franchesi for more Caravaggio, where we noticed the crowds:
the Matthew paintings


So many tourists

Santa Maria Sopra Minerva and Michelangelo’s statue of Christ carrying the cross:

someone helpfully added a loincloth…Michelangelo would not have been pleased
Lunch at Casa Bleve:
zucchini flowers stuffed with ricotta
sliced beef, artichoke and tomato
rigatoni and sausage
pasta with artichoke and lamb sauce:
The first Jesuit church in Rome, Il Gesu:
Sant Ignazio Loyola, dedicated to the founder of the Jesuit order, similar but not quite as elaborate:
the interior dome is an illusion
Tried to go into the Pantheon but it was too crowded and Sant’Ivo alla Sapienza was not open.  Ended up having a drink in Piazza Navona:
Had a lighter dinner:
We left room for gelato, then back to the flat for an early night.












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