Sunday avoiding the Vatican but not the crowds

The canonization of John Paul II and John XXIII was on tv and church bells were ringing a lot Sunday morning.

We went to look at Sant Ivo alle Sapienza:

Mass was being conducted inside. We then walked toward the Colliseum and saw a lot of piazzas where tv screens were showing the canonization.

Monument to Vittorio Emmanuele:
Crowd around the tv screen:

Lots of police, first aid vehicles, free bottles of water but only a few porta potties.

First we went for lunch at Taverna Fiori dei Imperiali:
lamb meatballs:

carbonara special:

chocolate cake with almonds:

Our tour was with Context Travel docent, Antonella Merletto. We spent most of the time at the Colliseum and trying to avoid the rain:

and a bit of the Imperial forums:


Dinner at Ditirambo, same place we went to the last night for the handmade pastas:




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