Busy Boxing Day — December 26

Despite a very slow start due to the excessive consumption the night before . . .  These are from the past 4 days although mostly Christmas Day.

One of these things is not like the others.

Took the subway to Ginza street to look at the architecture.


From Ginza, we walked to Tsukiji Fish Market passing a temple along the way.

We reached the market at lunch time. It was very crowded.

We checked out knife shops in the outer market.

We navigated a number of streets that are part of the outer market.


We eventually found our way into the inner market. This was long after the tuna auction was over.


A lot of the sushi restaurants, which are all tiny, had long lines of people waiting to get in. We found one that looked promising. Three of us got in, but Robin and Sidney had to wait for about 15 minutes before they got a seat.



Eating at the counter with us was a guy that the sushi chefs said was the number one tuna seller.

That seemed like a good indicator of the quality of the place.
After lunch, we did some knife purchasing.


From the market, we walked to Shimbashi station which is among a lot of modern skyscrapers.

We wanted to take the monorail to the man made island of Daiba.

The ride felt almost like a roller coaster.

The island has a bunch of shopping malls and amusement park-like places.


Allie and Sidney were keen to see Gundam, an anime character.


We walked around until the sunset. The Fuji TV building:



We watched the Gundam show which consisted of theme music and the giant Gundam moving its head.  At least, the little kids around us were pretty excited,
The Fuji TV building at night.
The Rainbow Bridge, Tokyo Tower in the distance and a replica Statue of Liberty. It all seemed a bit like Las Vegas.

Then back to public transit during rush hour. We got to experience the squish of the subway cars. I had no railing or handle to hold onto but it made no difference. There was noway I could fall over in the crowd.


Back in the neighbourhood of our apartment, we went to an izakaya.
After dinner, we replenished food and drink for the apartment. An 1.8 litre bottle of sake picked out by Allie.


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