December 27 — Western Tokyo

Another very late start out of the apartment as we headed to Shibuya. Outside of Shibuya station is a statue of the dog, a small Akita, named Hachiko.

The story of Hachiko is like Greyfriars Bobby in Edinburgh. A professor owned Hachiko and brought him to the station each day when he went to work. The dog waited at the station until his master returned. One day, the professor died at work and did not return to meet Hachiko, but the dog waited at the station for 10 years until he too died. The statue erected for the dog is a famous meeting spot.

Outside the station is Shibuya Crossing where pedestrians cross in all directions. 


Robin went into the two story Starbucks to take photos while the rest of us walked the crossing.
It wasn’t too crowded, probably because of the rain.


We looked at some shops.

Scott ring shopped.


We then walked to Harajuku as it rained.

The famous Harajuku street.

The dressed up girls are usually to be seen on weekends. This was a Friday.

From there we walked to Shinjuku, where we did a bit of shopping. Passed a shrine along the way.


We then took the subway to Roppongi district to Gonpachi bar which is also called the Kill Bill bar.


After a few drinks and snacks, we went to a ramen shop.

You pick the bowl of ramen that you want by buying a ticket from the white and yellow machine against the wall. They all cost about $10. We were so full. Sidney felt like a bloated blow fish.

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