Wednesday, December 25 — Christmas!

As usual these days, the kids are not eager to get up. But eventually, we did the usual Christmas stockings and present opening.

 Simba was with us to open presents
Batman towel    

Robin and Allie made our traditional Christmas Morning Lifesaver brunch dish. Scott made his more Japanese by having it with a glass of sake and orange juice.

Post-Christmas brunch exhaustion:

We headed back to Precce, a gourmet grocery shop, to buy ingredients for Christmas dinner.


So many interesting things like more different tofus than I’ve ever seen for sale.
New Year’s symbolic decoration and mochi:
Expensive fruit and veg.
Strawberries about $12.50 for 11 berries.


Delicious looking prepared sushi for about $10.

Alcoholic drinks. We didn’t know what this was, so bought it since it was less than $3.00.

Turned out to be sake, or Nihonshu (the Japanese term), in an plastic go cup.

The vegetables here are expensive partly because they’re packaged instead of available in bulk.

I bagged the cucumbers but everything else was packaged and cleaned.

Uber-expensive Wagyu beef was particularly packaged up.

Two sirloin steaks instead of turkey for Christmas. We can have turkey next year but we don’t think we’ll see Wagyu beef like this in Calgary.

Finally unwrapped.

Christmas dinner:

Steak, mashed potatoes, gravy, salad, wine, sake, scotch and some awful stuff Robin brought from a North Korean shop in the DMZ. The Wagyu beef was incredibly rich, almost like eating foie gras or beef marrow. Just a little was filling. The five of us couldn’t finish two steaks, and if you see how much Robin usually eats, that’s surprising.

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