Last day in Graz

Sidney was kept busy getting various things sorted like registering with City Hall–I guess they need to keep track of strangers–getting her internet for her room, etc. Scott and I did a little shopping for school supplies for her and wandered around the town some more.


The Landhaus courtyard, the only Italian renaissance building in Austria, as well as the Styrian regional parliament assembly hall.


Also saw a canal in Graz that doesn’t show up on our maps.

At lunch, it appears that dogs are allowed in restaurants, at least, on the outside patio.
We walked with Sidney from her room to the Uni. Scott mused it was like the first day he went to grade one and his mum showed him the way. Sidney wasn’t much amused. A church on the walk from Sidney’s room to the university.

One of the buildings at Karl Franzen Universitat:



There was an interesting looking sculpture at the top of the staircase, but since no one else was in the building, I didn’t think I should venture that far.
After dinner, we sent Sidney off to spend her first night alone in her room. Wow, we’re now empty nesters for at least 6 months.

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