Getting Sidney into student housing

Headed to student housing office with all of Sidney’s belongings for the next 10 months in tow.  Took a bit of searching to find the door to the office. Of course, it was set back from the street to make it hard to find.

Sidney’s building 20 Moserhofgasse which looks a lot like other buildings in the area:

Common kitchen living area:

Bathrooms–shower, toilet, shower and toilet rooms:

Kitchen area with abandoned bottles:

Sidney’s room:

Window and door:

Bed, storage and desk:

We walked to a home furnishing store to get bedding and towels. 2.5 kms each way, we got our exercise.

After making up Sidney’s bed:

Looks like Sidney is sharing a flat with 3 other people. We met one woman from Austria who was also moving in. She said there’s another woman who has been there for two years. No idea about the last person. For the rest of the afternoon, it was time to enjoy Sidney’s birthday day. we had no idea where to find another taxi so walked back to the inner centre of the city for a bit of lunch at La Enoteca:

sheep’s cheese salad
white Austrian wine we had not seen before
tuna salad
birthday cake


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