Sunday in Graz

Almost all stores are closed on Sundays in Graz. Sidney can’t get into her housing until Monday so Sunday was a day to be tourists.
We started at the modern art museum, Kunsthaus, by crossing over a bridge with locks like in Paris and Florence.

Exhibition by Austrian artist Heimo Zobernig:

View from The Needle on the 4th floor of the museum.

From there we walked up the hill in the centre of the city called Schlossberg, fortress hill in German. There are a number of ways to the top. We took the wooded trail:

From the top, you can see all of Graz:


The bell tower is a remnant from a fortress which was on top of the hill. Napoleon had the fortress destroyed but ransomed the city to leave the bell tower and clock tower remaining.

Light lunch at one of the many restaurants on top of the hill:

More views from the top. You can see the modern art museum near the middle–the blue bumpy looking thing:


Clock Tower

We descended by the stairs which are very steep:

There are tunnels in the hillside which were used as air raid shelters during WWII:

We went to an Irish pub to watch English Premiership football, Scott’s team, Arsenal vs Allie’s team, Tottenham Hotspurs:

Happy Scott after Arsenal scored:

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