Introduction to the 1st District

The old centre of Vienna is in the 1st District. We took a walking tour with Context Travel that started at St. Ruprecht’s Church or Kirche built in the 700s.

The only remaining synagogue in the 1st District:

British artist Rebecca Whiteread’s monument to Viennese Jewish lives lost during WWII consisting of books that you cannot read the names on the spine and an empty room you cannot enter:

Part of the medieval wall that used to surround the centre of Vienna (across from the University of Vienna):

The Burgtheatre


Vienna City Hall, the Rathaus:

Volksgarten, which has over a 1000 varieties of roses:

Imperial Palace with a festival going on in the grounds in front:

Spanish Riding School stables for the Lipizzaner horses, whose stables look like luxury apartments:


Leopold II monument after the plague:

St. Stephan’s Cathedral or Stephansdom:


Dinner at Greichenbeisel for traditional Viennese cuisine:

weiner schnitzel


venison ragout




sirloin onions and potato




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