14 hours to Vienna

We left the house at 12:30 to arrive at the airport at 1:01 pm.  Boarded KLM and left on time at 3:25:

Landed in Amsterdam at 7:38 am, 11:38 pm Calgary time.  We had almost 3.5 hours at the airport. Our food and drink was a bit confused–midnight snack or breakfast; beer or cafe latte.

Amsterdam’s Schipol airport has a few paintings from the Rijks Museum:

And a while later, a glass of wine:

Then onto another KLM flight; this one without tv screens in the back of the seats.  We didn’t miss the entertainment since we were sleeping even before the plane took off and during the 2 hour flight.

We landed at 1:30 pm in Vienna; 5:30 am Calgary time.

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