Museums Tuesday

Our hotel is a bit funky in its design with the sink in the bedroom and a shower separated by a glass wall:


Included is a huge breakfast–up to 7 courses if you’re hungry enough:

fruit salad


smoked salmon, caprese salad, salumi and cheese


egg of the day
spinach goat cheese quiche

After breakfast we walked to the Kunsthishistorisches Museum in the rain. The museum was purpose built to house the Imperial art collection.  They had a lot of stuff. Some of the highlights:

Cellini salt cellar


ivory sculpture of Apollo and Daphane


Caravaggio paintings
Titian’s Diana and Callisto



Rotunda for a snack:



Checked out the Roman Museum as well:
 Those ancient Romans sure could build stuff to last:

A stop at a wine shop:

The snack bar at the hotel:

Had to sample a bit of Austrian sparking white wine:

By dinner, we’d already thought we weren’t up for another heavy meat-centric Austrian

dinner, so went for Italian. We went to Cantinetta Antinori, the restaurant of the Italian winemaker Antinori. We went to the restaurant in Florence and now there are restaurants in Vienna, Moscow and Zurich.


Antipasto misto


Risotto pomodoro


Pasta frutti di mare


Chitarrrina con prosciutto


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