July 20 lots of activity, not many photos

The last session of the conference on Friday was at the Holocaust Memorial Museum.  It was very interesting, enlightening and educational.  The museum director talked about the eugenics laws, intended to get rid of those with undesirable genes — however that was interpreted — by killing them in order to improve the Aryan “race”.  We then had an opportunity to look at the permanent exhibit.  Disturbing, sobering, can’t think of all the adjectives.  But it did not make you want to cry the way that Anne Frank House in Amsterdam did.  The museum is not so personal.  Really worth the time in any event.

We then met with a student who used to be with the court and then we went to Jaleo, a restaurant by Jose Andres, a Spanish chef.  It is basically a Spanish tapas restaurant with cool casual decor.

We had paella after a few tapas.


We walked back about a mile or so to the hotel and our route went through the area called Chinatown. Other than this gate, not sure what made this Chinatown.

We got back to our hotel and had some wine.  Not such great photos today although it was quite interesting.


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