Last day in DC

Last day of the conference even though it’s Saturday.  The weather has cooled off although it is still supposed to get to 28 today and it remains very humid.

I skipped the last session of the conference and we walked in the rain to Georgetown.  The area was full of people who looked like students and the main road, M Street, was packed with trendy and high end clothing shops and lots of restaurants.  We wish we took a photo of the block long wait for Georgetown Cupcakes.  Who would have thought?  Instead I took a photo of a bit of decor on the Four Seasons Hotel which appears to depict George Washington.

On our way to dinner, we stopped by the White House since it seemed we could not be in DC without seeing it.

From there we walked to the restaurant.  Some interesting buildings we walked past.


this former post office has been bought by Donald Trump


unusual roof top

Dinner was at Central Michel Richard, an American restaurant by a French chef.

Open kitchen concept:

I was told to try soft shelled crab if I could find it because it is a local seasonal specialty.  It was a special available as an appetizer or entree at Central.  We had it as an appetizer.  You eat the entire crab.  The legs are crispy and reminded me of fried shrimp tails.  The centre of the body was kind of like oyster, tasting more rich and like the sea.

Our mains were beef which were a lot of food for us.  As we repeatedly find, the portions are a bit too much for us.  I had beef short rib and succotash.

 French fries, Brussels sprouts with bacon and Scott’s steak au poivre with onion carbonara.
Despite the poor job I did eating my entree, I ordered the creme brulee, which had the most different presentation I had ever seen.  The vanilla taste was good but a bit too stiff for my taste.


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