July 19 More Tourist Stuff

Thursday was a free day with no conference activities. Luckily, on Wednesday, it rained heavily which helped reduce the temperatures. Wednesday afternoon was 101F or 38C before it rained.

Today the prediction was for 34C or 93F and possible thundershowers in the afternoon.  Luckily, I brought my rain jacket.  Of course, it didn’t rain while we were out.

We walked to the Lincoln Memorial about 1 mile away.  Weather was already hot and humid but not as bad as the day before.  This is a photo of the mural inside the structure on the left side of the statue of Lincoln.  The text is the Gettysburg Address and the mural shows the emancipation.

We then proceeded on our long hot walk down The Mall.  This was the National Gallery Sculpture Garden.

We then went to the National Gallery where they allow photos excepts for the special exhibits.

Mark Rothko






Stuart’s portrait of Washington
Winslow Homer

From the Museum, we walked almost 30 minutes to Union Station which is not far. It is a train station but with a lot of shops and it is air conditioned — most importantly.


After wandering through the many shops — mostly to while away time in an AC environment, we ended up an hour early for our dinner reservation.  It turned out not to be a problem.  The restaurant was at Fiola, an Italian restaurant, which seemed to be very popular.
My starter of gazpacho with crab and tomato was hugely filling.

It meant I did not even come close to finishing my parpadelle dish nor did Scott do well with eating his lamb dish which consisted of slices of leg, tenderloin and rack of lamb, along with onion, bacon and fried artichoke.




lamb, lamb and more lamb When
We walked part of the way back to the hotel, but Scott was suffering from blisters on his foot, so we caught a taxi for the last half mile or less. Once we returned to the hotel, lightening and thunder started.


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