Washington DC conference

I’m in Washington DC for a week to attend a work related conference.  Luckily, not all my time will be in the conference so I hope to see some of the area.

The hotel where I’m staying and  the conference is near Washington Circle, on the upper left of the map below (near where it says Foggy Bottom).


According to the hotel information, it is just 1 mile to the Lincoln Memorial and 2.2 miles to the National Gallery of Art.

Can’t fly here direct from Calgary.  I had to connect in Montreal then get on a very small plane to fly to Washington. At least it was quick.  This was my view from the last row of seats on the plane.

Landed at Ronald Reagan National Airport which is fairly close to downtown Washington DC. The small white blob in the middle of the photo is Capitol Hill.
Spending most of tomorrow indoors at the conference. Not much opportunity to sight see.  Very hot and humid here.

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