A little more London before heading home

We walked to the Tate Modern.
The Tower Bridge is right next to the hotel.



Foster designed City government chambers

Construction across the Thames

Queen’s Walk

Southwark Cathedral

Ruins of Winchester Palace

We wanted to go see the Damien Hirst exhibit but there was a long queue for tickets and they were selling for 2:30 pm admission. We needed to head to the airport at 3 pm. Instead we looked at the States of Flux exhibit about avant garde movements, especially, Cubism, Futurism, Vorticism and Pop Art.




We had lunch reservations at the 7th floor restaurant, where they offered English wines.




rocket, chèvre, pear and hazelnut salad
potted crab
squash and Stinking Bishop (cheese) tart

Back to red wine.

Sunday roast (roast beef, yorkshire pudding, potatoes and veg)
sea bream

We had just started into our mains when a fire alarm went off and we were sent out of the museum. We tried to take our wine with us but a waiter made us put the glasses and bottle down. They said to come back and we would get fresh dishes for lunch.

We left the building and tried to decide what to do. Waiting did not seem like a good idea since we had no idea how long it would take, plus, it was chilly outside.

We had less than two hours before we needed to leave and since we had no one to pay, we were forced to do a dine and dash, and we found another restaurant.

walking to Hays Galleria

Our second lunch:

mushroom spinach crepe
duck rillettes

A final nice bottle of wine.

Our car transfer service, which was cheaper than a taxi, had a driver taking us places we’d never seen before.


I’ve seen this building in tv shows but don’t know the name.

I think this was Chelsea Bridge.


Some pagoda thing.

Definitely never been here before.

Our flight left on time and we were back in Calgary where we struggled not to think about the fact it was 3 am London time when we landed.

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