Churches and Gaudi

Another day into Barcelona was planned although the weather forecast was for rain. It didn’t look like rain in Sitges but we left armed with umbrellas.

From the train we took the metro to La Sagrada Familia, the church which has been under construction since the late 1800s but considered the design of Spanish architect Antonin Gaudi, who died in 1926.





The rain had not materialized so we went walking to look at other Gaudi buildings.
La Pedrera an apartment building
a house
Then a look at Barcelona Cathedral.
Then to another church Santa Maria del Mar.


Next to the church I found churros and chocolate.
The churches are in the medieval section call El Gotic with very narrow streets.
The music conservatory building was not at all Gothic or medieval looking.
After more rambling, we went for dinner at Moments, a Michelin star restaurant with a female Catalan chef.
appetizers which were not what they seemed


open kitchen


green peas and blood sausage


meat ball with potato, carrots and zucchini


veal cheeks and vegetable packages


sauce inside the meetball


pre-dessert strawberries, almond ice cream and mint tea


chocolate dessert


citrus dessert
post-dessert petits fours

We got to the train station just after 11 pm and managed to catch the train going the wrong way and ended up in Molins de Rei, north of Barcelona.

Another family from London did the same thing. There were no trains back to Barcelona. There was  a bus. Instead of heading back to Barcelona by bus like the London family did, and then taking the night bus, we eventually called a taxi from a hotel and the taxi took us directly back to Sitges. It made for a very late night and we had to get up early to leave for London.


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