Sitges tourism claims there are 17 beaches here. From what we’ve seen, there is one between us and the marina. No bars or restaurants face it, although it looks like something like a bar for the summer might be set up. Then there are two or three beaches between the marina and the town area which has some restaurants, and then in the town itself lots of bars, restaurants and hotels face the beach. We’d only seen a small part of the beaches so we decided to look at all of them.

The morning was cool. Scott wanted to take photos of us in our swimsuits by the pool which is part of the apartment complex, but neither one of us wanted to shed clothes.

From where we are staying to the end of the beaches, it is about 5 kilometres. This is the start of the main beaches.

Almost all the beaches are fine sand and clean.

While we were walking, it started to rain. No photos of nudists on the beaches.

The one rocky beach below, and Scott not enjoying the seascape because he’s too busy looking at the rocks.

The end of the beaches.

Golf course but only the ducks, geese and swans were out.

No idea what the words mean but I there were other signs with a foot and a line through it so I guess neither humans nor dogs allowed on the grass.

We had a late lunch in a nice restaurant called Fragata, the same name as the beach in front.

This was called bull tail but the waitress, who didn’t speak English, said “no tail” then patted her butt which we took to mean it was from the bull’s haunches, not its tail.
For a change, some veg (eggplant) wrapped around my lamb with wine reduction and also banana, which was too sweet for me.
Instead of dessert, we went looking for churros, a doughnut like pastry, and chocolate, a thick hot chocolate which the churros are dipped into or eaten with a spoon. We got lost a couple of times and found two different places neither of which had churros y chocolate that day.  After all the walking, we gave up on dessert.


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