Easter Saturday

Weather still was cool. We walked to Retiro Park, the largest park in the city.

artichoke fountain
Retiro Pond
monument to Alfonso XII
Crystal Palace
interior of the Crystal Palace
Fountain of the Fallen Angel, said to be the only public monument to the devil. The gargoyles are interesting.

We then went in search of some lunch before returning to the Reina Sofia museum to look at the permanent collection of works after 1945..

Dinner at Botin, which describes itself as the oldest restaurant in the world.

white asparagus with house made mayonnaise
garlic soup with egg
artichoke with jambon
roasted suckling pig
roasted chicken
Botin diners
roasted lamb
Madrid cream puffs

The cream puffs were fried dough filled with cream. Not quite the profiterole like dessert Scott was hoping for.

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