Good Friday

Got a bit of rain, hail and sun during our Good Friday perambulations. My camera battery was dying and the photos I thought I took were blank. These are Scott’s photos.

San Isidro

Then lunch, another no vegetable affair:


lamb chops
chicken with garlic sauce



Tried to go to San Francisco church which has Goya paintings but it was closed.

Cathedral Almudena interior:


After a few hours of wandering, we went back to the flat for some bridge. Then out again for dinner. Remembered my camera.

Before finding a restaurant for dinner, we saw one of the many Easter processions which demonstrate the Easter story by carrying a “float” with icons of Jesus or Mary along with a band and penitents walking as part of the procession. It is apparently very Spanish, although it looked creepily like the Klu Klux Klan with the hoods and conical hats.





Before dinner, Ronnie, Scott and Robin tried kalimoxtos, a drink of cola and red wine — yuck.

More tapas, then back at the flat more cards and wine and another late night.

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