1iere arrondissement – plan to go to the Louvre

The Louvre is not as far to walk to as the walk we did on Monday.  Scott and Allie headed to a knife shop in the opposite direction while Sidney and I walked about an hour to the museum.

Unfortunately, it is closed on Tuesday, something I forgot when I revised our plans because Robin recommended going to Versailles on Wednesday.
Instead we looked at the Tuileries garden.





Luckily, we met up with Scott and Allie and headed to Jardins du Palais Royale, a former palace with gardens surrounded by arcades. It was originally built for Cardinal Richelieu, whom I only really associate with the three musketeers story as a bad but rich guy.  A number of shops and restaurants and theatres are also located in the arcades.

Palais Royale restaurant



We looked at the shops then stopped for lunch.

dessert – fruits rouges


entree – tomato and mozarella


crab, avocado and tomato


cucumber and musssels


risotto vert tous vert et vert


Angus beef

Then we went shopping for chocolate.


crazy looking metro station near Comedie Francaise
Then to the little street that houses Christian Louboutin’s shoe shop.
Then we headed back towards the flat.  Don’t know this church’s name.
 Back at the flat, we took our newly bought chocolates, some Champagne brought back from Reims and headed to the Seine river banks.
opening the Champagne
watching the tour boats

Scott’s knife purchases, my chocolate purchases from earlier in the day.

Freshly made baguette and a tour boat — this must be Paris.
Walking to dinner up Richard Lenoir.
Dinner at Le Chateaubriand, a chef driven restaurant where you get no choice of menu. You eat what the chef serves.  We started with gougeres which were gobbled up so fast I didn’t get a photo.





not a lot of decor
amuse broth with foie gras, eel, turnip, coffee beans


seafood can’t recall the name


moules mussels


tuna with seaweed cucumber salad
chicken, potato crisps, horseradish sauce, corn silk


spinach, red fruits
yoghurt, brittle, greens


Allie excited about cheese


chocolate covered mushrooms


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