Monday stroll to Basilique Sacre Coeur

The hot weather has given away to cooler temperatures in the low 20s. Good weather for a long walk. We walked in the 20th, 19th, 18th, 9th, 10th and 11th arrondissements on Monday. Robin was at work so we were on our own.

We headed into the 11th, where we saw the Promenade Plantee, an elevated narrow park built on a former railway line.

We couldn’t see how to get up to the park, so we carried on into the 20th, where we walked past Pere Lachaise cemetary, burial site of Oscar Wilde, Jim Morrison, Frederic Chopin and other famous people.

The 20th is a more ethnic neighbourhood than anything we’ve seen so far.

We went to look at Rue Denoyez, a grafitti filled street.



Our feet were getting tired after an hour and a half of walking, so we stopped in the 19th for lunch at a restaurant not to be recommended.

From there, we headed up hill into the 18th to see Basilique Sacre Coeur.
Sacre Coeur is relatively modern, building started in 1875.


No photos allowed inside the church which is built in Romanesque Byzantine style and quite dark inside. The church is on top of Butte Montmartre, so you get good views of the city.
From Sacre Coeur, we walked to the 9th where the neighbourhood is much more upscale.
We went to Printemps a large department store on busy Boulevard Haussmann.
After some shopping we had another long walk back to Robin’s flat in the 11th.  Along the way we saw some arches.
Porte Saint-Martin, built 1674 for Louis XIV


Porte Saint-Denis, built 1672 for Louis XIV
Place de la Republique:
Near 6:30 pm, we reached Robin’s street, some 7 1/2 hours after we started walking.


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