Today we headed out of town to the Champagne province and the town of Reims.
First, to the Metro station Quai de la Rapee:

Then to the train station Gare de l’Est, where we caught the Tres Grande Vitesse train to Reims.
on the TGV
Arriving in Reims, the streets seemed unusually quiet, even for a Sunday.
along the tram line



But then, we reached the Cathedral of Notre Dame de Reims:
But first, we needed lunch and since we were in the province of Champagne, some Champagne with lunch.



des salades for lunch
And more champagne:
Then the Cathedral:
stained glass by Marc Chagall


left portal




north aisle
north exterior

Church viewing was thirsty work, so we had to have some more Champagne.
We then visited the Musee de Beaux Arts. Luckily, it was free admission day because the collection was not very impressive..
We then checked out the pedestrian mall, where some of us broke the chain and had biere instead of Champagne.


Back to Paris, we had dinner at the restaurant at the end of Robin’s street, Chez Paul.





salade avec fromage



l’onion soupe








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