Ile de la Cite

I had thought about doing a day trip on Saturday, September 3 but forgot some people would be recovering from September 2 birthday celebrations.  Scott and I spent the morning waiting for Allie and Sidney to return from Robin’s flat all the while watching tour boats float past the windows.

When Allie and Sidney finally appeared, we decided to explore the island next to Ile Saint Louis which is called Ile de la Cite. Notre Dame is on Ile de la Cite.  We walked from our flat to the other end of Ile Saint Louis.

on Rue Saint Louis en L’Ile
where we had lunch Sept 2
crossing from Ile Saint Louis to Ile de la Cite
line for Notre Dame towers
Scott didn’t want to line up to go into the tower or the church.

Instead we went for lunch, or for some people, breakfast.

charcuterie et fromage




We then went to Sainte Chapelle that used to be a private chapel of some of the former kings of France, it is now located as part of complex for the Palais de Justice, the law courts. There was a bit of a wait in the queue for tickets.
book shop


entrance by the ticket booth
late Gothic rose window




Sainte Chapelle has all of its original stained glass windows.
From there we went next door to la Conciergerie, which has been a medieval hall, and a prison for Marie Antoinette.



From there, we wandered along Rue de Rivoli looking at shops.
Paris socks


Place de la Victoire


Rue de Rivoli
Then bought a bit of groceries and back to the flat, where some people had a nap.
Quai de la Megisserie
Pont Notre Dame
Quai aux Fleurs
Pont Saint Louis
Rue Saint Louis
Dinner at Le Tastevin:


steak au poivre




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