We had a slow morning. I woke at 5:40 and couldn’t get back to sleep. Made some tea, and used the internet at the hotel until I lost connection and couldn’t re-establish. Since there was only instant coffee, I walked to the Starbucks just down on Whitechapel Road to get Scott some coffee, as well as fruit and a cup of yoghurt and granola.

More grafitti

After Scott showered, we walked along Whitechapel enjoying the mild air and sunshine. Haven’t been walking outside in shirt sleeves in the sun for a number of weeks.

We left the hotel at 10:30 to go to Aldgate East tube station. Had to wait past 4 District line trains before the Hammersmith line arrived. About 30 minutes and we arrived at Paddington station. We needed to collect our tickets from a machine, tried using the Heathrow express machine before I realized there were different kinds of machines. Got our ticket both to Bath Spa and return.

Had a sandwich and a half pint of cider for me, full pint for Scott at the pub on the upper level of the station. Kept checking the departure list looking for our platform. We couldn’t see Bath until we checked the departure board on the main floor which showed that the Bristol train stopped at Bath.

Boarded about 11:45. The rocking train made for a sleepy ride. Just past Swindon, an hour after leaving London, I saw fields of sheep, cattle, and horses.

Arrived in Bath just before 1:30 p.m. and had about a 3 minute walk to our hotel, The Halcyon.

Didn’t feel like hanging around the hotel. Our room is rather small and was hot because someone had turned the radiator to the max.  Luckily the windows open.  We did a little walk around the area of the hotel.

Bath Abbey


Theatre Royal Bath


River Avon
The area is very hilly.


Back to the hotel
It is very touristy in the central area of Bath where we are. Crowds are along the new shopping area near the railway station, and tourist sites like Bath Abbey.  We are here while the Jane Austen festival is going on and we saw one woman in period costume.
After two plus hours of walking and Scott’s purchases of two silver rings, it was time to really enjoy being on vacation. The hotel has a small outdoor patio where we sipped G & Ts while reading or working on this blog!

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