EdinburghNot quite visiting Craigmillar Castle

We decided to take a walking tour within Edinburgh although it was not certain what the weather was going to be like. Our walk started out well. We left New Town.

Walked past the National Portrait Gallery.

Then onto Princes Street and we crossed North Bridge to the Royal Mile

and stopped at a jewellery store where Scott bought 2 rings.
We proceeded down to Canongate and inquired about a chanter for Allie which we intended to buy later.

 We then walked past Dynamic Earth to the Holyrood Road at the base of Arthur’s Seat.

 We walked along Queen’s Drive where you get a good view of the Salisbury Crags.

We eventually came out on Dalkeith Road near the Commonwealth Pool and continued on Dalkeith Road. We eventually came to Craigmillar Castle Park. 
Instead of continuing on the road, we decided to take a shortcut through a recycling depot onto a bike path.
where we shortly came out onto the lands around the castle, except it was the backside of the castle.
We tried to find the entry into the castle but we stopped by a fairly sizeable stone wall.
After stumbling around the overgrown wooded area, we gave up and headed for the main road.

This brought us out near the new Royal Hospital where we saw police stopping traffic going up to the castle. We decided this was not our day to visit Craigmillar Castle so went to the hospital where we found a taxi stand to take us back into central Edinburgh and drop us at Mathers Bar for a refreshing pint and a late lunch.

We asked the guys where to find Hibs scarves. They described a sports store which was next to the “Windsor Buffee”. “Buffee?” Scott queried. The bar tender answered, “You’d say buffet.”

We left the bar and walked down Leith Walk to Valvona and Crolla, my favourite deli and wine store, where Scott bought some whisky, then walked further until we saw the Windsor Buffet and the sports shop where we bought Hibs scarves for the girls. We walked back to Princes Street

 where we stopped at the Balmoral to book a spa appointment for the next week. Along Princes Street we stopped at the Boots, then went to a phone store where we each bought a mobile phone for 9.95 pounds with pay as you go plan. We met up with Robin then walked along George Street in New Town looking for a outside patio bar. We ended up at the Tempest, the bar at the George Hotel.

Weather was sunny for a while but we eventually moved inside.

Scottish colourist’s prints on the wall

We left the bar and stopped at the Stac Polly restaurant on Dublin street to see if they had room. They did. The Stac Polly, named after a Scottish mountain,  is a small Edinburgh chain specializing in Scottish cuisine.

Haggis pocket appetizer

mussel chowder

cured venison salad



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