Graduation day

Spent the morning rearranging our schedule a bit after talking to Ronnie and Kim and learning we were heading to the Highlands on Friday, not Thursday. We ended up at the Mitre Bar with Robin for a late breakfast/lunch.

We then did some shopping while Robin ran other errands. My Jimmy Choo sandals were going to be too cold for the rainy day, so I headed to L K Bennett for closed toed shoes and then Jenners for stockings.
We met up with Robin in the afternoon at the University of Edinburgh’s McEwan Hall where the graduation ceremony was to take place.
McEwan Hall was purpose built for graduation ceremonies. Edinburgh has a tradition of touching the graduates’ heads with a hat supposedly of some antiquity. The ceremony is shown on a relief sculpture on the building.

We found seats in the gallery and listened to the organ recital for about half an hour.
Ceremonies started at 3 with law and science grads.

Robin taking his seat

Getting touched by the hat


The speaker was short so we finished by 4 and went to the Library Bar across the quad for a celebratory drink.
Library Bar

We had dinner at The Kitchin in Leith, another of Edinburgh’s Michelin starred restaurants. It was too bad it was rainy because the area looked like it would be pleasant to wander around if it was drier.

tomato starter



lamb special

coffee and petit fours

We went back to our flat but Robin met up with friends for more celebrations.

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