Still waiting for our bags

In the morning, we made coffee and called BA looking for our bags. Finally found out that they had been picked up by a courier that morning and would be delivered between 9 a.m. and 1 p.m.. Great! I got dressed in what I was wearing for the past two days.

We tried going around the block to the Howard Hotel to see if we could find breakfast, but it was Sunday and they were closed. Instead we stopped at another convenience store and got bread, butter, jam and PB. We had breakfast back at the flat and waited for the courier but we both started falling asleep so I decided to head out of the flat while Scott waited for the courier. I went to the Tesco for food and by the time I returned, the bags had been delivered. Scott happily took a shower.

By noon, we headed for Harvey Nicks to the Forth Floor restaurant for lunch with Robin.


Pinot Grigio
After lunch, while at Harvey Nicks, we went to get Robin’s made to measure suit which we had arranged for back in February. Scott meanwhile bought himself a shirt and tie and I bought some Jimmy Choo sandals.
Robin needed a white bow tie for his grad robes. We tried a number of stores in New Town without luck since it seemed everyone graduating needed one. Robin left us on Rose Street, where we did some shopping for insect repellant and Scott looked at rings.
Rose Street

New Town looking north

Dinner was a Rhubarb, which is set in a very parklike bit of land south of Edinburgh’s city centre. Our cab dropped us at the front door, where we could see Highland cows grazing, and we were led to a lounge which was done in the style of the hunting lodge which the building was originally intended to be. The antler furniture was a bit much.
pre-dinner drinks
As we enjoyed our pre-dinner drinks, we were brought a menu so we could order before moving to the dining room which was almost over the top opulent. We could see a peacock from the dining room window.
 asparagus starter

foie gras


Chocolate dessert
Rhubarb dessert
tarte tatin
Heading back into Edinburgh, we stopped at the Guilford Arms to see the end of the Spain vs Russia game which went to penalty shots.
Enjoyed the game as well as some drunk guy shouting “Es-pan-ga”.

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