Arriving in Edinburgh without luggage

Scott and I went without the girls to Edinburgh for Robin’s graduation from University of Edinburgh Law School. As part of Scott’s birthday gift, I had bought first class tickets on British Airways where we had the luxury of fully reclining seats so we could sleep almost the entire flight.

BA first class lounge

We landed at terminal 3 because the new BA terminal 5 wasn’t ready to handle all international flights, but we took a bus to get to terminal 5 since our Edinburgh flights were leaving from there. We wandered around a bit waiting for the posting of our gate. We picked up two bottles of Veuve Cliquot champagne which we figured we could put to good use celebrating Robin’s graduation.
We landed at 5 p.m. but by 5:25, it was clear our baggage did not make it with us. The BA office found it was still in London and would be on the next Edinburgh flight. Instead of waiting, we left the address of the flat and our phone number.  We caught a cab to our little semi-basement, two bedroom flat on Cumberland Street in New Town. It was raining.

Scott was not impressed with the flat which was chilly — it took us a while to find the thermostat — and dark at the back end because of the lack of windows. But it was fairly inexpensive, quiet, and in a convenient location in New Town.

We  called Robin and then the girls back home before heading to Villeneuve Wines on Broughton Street where we found some good wines and whisky. We had barely opened a bottle, when Robin arrived.
We went for dinner at Ducks at Le Marche Noir, a few blocks from the flat. It was described as a French bistro style restaurant, but turned out to be a bit more upscale with a select menu but very good.
We skipped puddings because Scott was keen to get back to the flat to watch  Russia and the Netherlands play in Euro 2008.
Meanwhile, I went looking for coffee and milk for breakfast. The Tesco nearby was closed but I found a little convenience store and walked back with purchases in the pouring rain.
Back at the flat, the Netherlands lost and my phone call to BA provided no answers about our bags before we went to bed.

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