Queen’s Gallery

Our last full day in Edinburgh started rainy and windy.

Allie returned with Robin and then went to Shuh to get some shoes she had ordered earlier in the week. Scott and Sid went to do shopping elsewhere.

We had agreed to meet at Dubh Prais on the Royal Mile, but it turned out they were closed. Instead, we met at Whiski next door. This appeared to be the place that used to be called Clever Dicks, where we had lunch with Ronnie in 2002. In any event, it was a place for lunch out of the rain.

After lunch we headed to the Queen’s Gallery at Holyrood Palace to see the Brughel to Rubens exhibition. Her Majesty certainly has a lot of nice pictures.
inside the gift shop
Robin returned to his flat while the rest of us did some shopping on the way back to our flat. It was raining so much, we decided to stay in the flat instead of going out again.
We the Hinds arrived at the flat for some cards and pre-dinner libations before going to dinner at Oloroso. The pre-dinner celebrations meant that we were having such a good time, the photos taken during dinner at the restaurant were few and far between as well as blurry.
Next day was home to Calgary.

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