St Andrews day trip

We headed to Waverley again to take the train to St. Andrews. Actually, it to Leuchars which is a short distance to St. Andrews. We crossed over the Firth of Forth on the bridge but views were limited because of the grey skies.

Train trip was a bit over an hour and about 10 minutes in a taxi into the centre of St. Andrews where we were dropped at a Scottish restaurant, Greyfriars, near the castle and abbey. There were a lot of international beer choices and kept Allie busy trying to remove labels.

After lunch, we walked past St. Andrews University buildings and headed to St. Andrews abbey ruins.

We then went to St. Andrews Castle which had a lot of interpretive material inside its visitors centre.
One of the most interesting features were the mines and countermines dug during a siege battle. You could climb down into the mined tunnels.
Views from the grounds of the castle looked out to the North Sea.
Scott wished he had time for a haircut while at St. Andrews.

We looked around at the shops on St. Andrews main streets, then returned to the train station.
Back in Edinburgh, we went to Robin and Katie’s flat for dinner. We arrived with bottles of libation.
After dinner, Allie stayed to go on a pub crawl while Scott, Sid and I returned to the flat.

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