Museum of Scotland

We went to the Museum of Scotland to see the silver exhibition at the Royal Museum which is part of the same complex.

Royal Musuem

Silver exhibition

The exhibition covered a lot of the history of silver and both its practical uses and role in sporting cups and other prizes. It ended with a number photographs of Scottish celebrities – Robbie Coltrane, Billy Connolly, Sharleen Spiteri — with their favourite silver items.
We also looked around the Museum of Scotland for a bit.

We had lunch at the Tower restaurant on top of the Museum. It’s become one of our favourites in Edinburgh.
We then went back to the Royal Mile to take the Mary King’s Close tour which goes through the underground medieval parts of Edinburgh which have been preserved and set up with some educational and some rather silly displays of life in Edinburgh during the plague. They would not let us take photos.
Did a bit of shopping after then met Robin for dinner at Bonsai Bistro, a disappointing sushi restaurant where the rice was stodgy. It was run by some guy from Seattle who was a fan of Stampede wrestling, so knew about Calgary.
We returned to the flat but Scott and Robin headed to a pub to watch football — Arsenal and AC Milan — while the rest of us read books or played Nintendo DS.

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